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Hybrid Work

Do you want to make your managers fit for both working environments? We help you to develop both the skills of remote leadership and to address the changing requirements of @work.

Why hybrid work?

The digital technologies were already there – and then the coronavirus intervened in our society and working world. “Where does work take place – at home or in the company?” is no longer a question of either/or, but of both/and. So how do we design a hybrid working model that keeps both the company and its employees productive and vital in the long term?

Why ForumFührung?

Because we listen to you, take your context-specific needs seriously and provide you with both our organizational design expertise and our training skills. This puts us in a position to find and train the optimal working form for your organization.

This is how we deal with the main challenges:

  • Everything is relevant in the question of the right “as well as”: Employer attractiveness, employee retention, leadership, productivity, communication, IT…
  • We bring in the relevant experts and ensure that all relevant voices are heard on the company side.
  • In the market for employees, your work regulations become part of your employer brand. We support you in ensuring that the process is a precision landing and can be communicated well both internally and externally.
  • Anyone who thinks of working from home only as a deviation from the rule is clearly falling short. Depending on requirements, we also design scenarios for a fundamental network-based work process in which, for example, the old question of company loyalty is reformulated as a new question: How quickly can we onboard new employees and how do we retain their know-how so that “loyalty” is no longer critical?
  • Demographic trends and the pandemic have given employees more power. We help you to develop and communicate a resilient and attractive arrangement for your company to increase your attractiveness as an employer.
  • Working models cannot be viewed in isolation. There is evidence that a good fit between the working model and the purpose / vision / values contributes significantly to employee and customer loyalty. We think holistically about these issues and integrate all relevant aspects into the process.
  • Many managers, for whom control was part of their understanding of leadership, feel deprived of an essential tool. We support the mindset change from “control” to “trust” with targeted development work.
  • With hybrid work, all communication spaces change for both employees and managers: how do we optimize the remote part of our communication, how do we design the (now fewer) moments on-site? We help with methods and best practices to make interactions creative, lively and productive.