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Consulting / Organization


Change processes require the tangible presence of top management. We not only ensure the development of individual areas, but also the ongoing orientation of the company as a whole.


Why corporate communication in change processes?

No matter what form of transformation is involved, close communication of the change project at the level of the company as a whole is critical to success. In times of uncertainty, it is fundamental that the management team is regularly visible, emotionally approachable and always provides orientation. One of the main mistakes in transformation processes is the lack of presence and sometimes counterproductive behavior of the company’s top management.

Why ForumFührung?

Top professionals in corporate communications are part of our interdisciplinary teams, so that the communicative multipliers such as the board or division management are not only able to speak at any time, but also follow a clear communicative plan.

This is how we deal with the main challenges in transformation processes:

  • Transformations are not routine processes in companies, but are more comparable to singular crises. We develop a communication plan at the beginning – if necessary with your own corporate communication – and create the relevant content so that C-level and managers are relieved and maximum orientation and security is provided for employees.
  • Changes to business models, processes and workflows trigger a high degree of uncertainty and stress in the organization. We ensure that the key parameters are communicated regularly in order to develop and maintain company-wide acceptance for the duration of the process.
  • Managers often have no experience to fall back on and face unknown challenges in their personal communication. We develop a clear communication strategy and provide practical support for managers, including the C-level, so that they are able to speak in all communication situations.
  • When the reality of the company brings bad news, the most common reactions are either to remain silent or to wrap one’s words in absorbent cotton. The risk: the period of uncertainty is unnecessarily prolonged and trust in the company management is lost. We help top management and executives to communicate both clearly and emotionally.