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Navigating complexity: A systems-thinking primer…

Brief description

In today’s highly dynamic and interconnected world, traditional leadership approaches are no longer sufficient to address the complex challenges organizations face. This is where systems theory comes into play – a comprehensive theoretical framework that understands organizations as social systems whose vitality is demonstrated by their adaptability to external environments. The systemic view – with its focus on communication and interactions within the system, as opposed to monocausal personal attributions – opens up completely new ways of thinking and solutions for people who bear responsibility in organizations.

Development goals

  • Develop an understanding of the key concepts of systems theory and their application to organizations so that you can identify patterns, interrelationships and leverage points within your organization.
  • Improve your decision making by considering the whole system, its components and their interactions within and beyond its boundaries.
  • Navigate the unknown: Develop the ability to deal with ambiguity, ambivalence and uncertainty, and adapt your strategies to changing circumstances.
  • Hypothesize and develop alternative courses of action – make more sustainable solutions more likely by avoiding simply treating symptoms.
  • Cultivate adaptability: Acquire the ability to adapt your leadership behaviors to the evolving needs of your organization, embrace change and lead your team through transitions.

Unique selling point

This seminar aims to harness the untapped potential of systems thinking for leadership. In a dynamic mix of theory and practical application, it enables participants not only to understand the intricacies of systems theory, but also to integrate it into their leadership toolkit. Through real-life case studies and group dialogues, participants will be able to analyze complex challenges, develop new perspectives and deal with complexity more appropriately.


John Kayser


German, English

Duration of the intensive seminar

2 days


Museum Insel Hombroich, Neuss