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Educational processes for people and organizations

Illustration: Bildungsprozesse für Mensch und Organisation, ein Mensch steht neben einem Bürohochhaus und schaut in den Spiegel

We invite you to tackle today’s challenges in the way that has always characterized Europe. Maybe it’s just a matter of giving them new forms …

For over 20 years, we have been working intensively on the question of what leadership actually means. In numerous discussions with managers, we have looked at the function of leadership from various perspectives: psychological, systemic, business, neurobiological and philosophical. In the process, we came to the conclusion that Leadership is not a technique, but an art. And art needs education. In our educational processes, we support people and organizations in developing a comprehensive understanding and making the right decisions in order to maintain the vitality and vitality of people and organizations. Today and in the future.

Our view of people

The idea of the individual, probably a European invention, has existed for 2500 years. It has been politically suppressed time and again in the past, at other times and in other places. Today, however, it is acutely threatened by technology, big data, algorithms and social media. And perhaps not so obviously, also by new work processes in companies where the focus is on the team and no longer on the individual as the smallest unit. We don’t believe in it …

Our view of the organization

In systems theory, an organization is viewed as a social system. This view is great and helps us to understand companies better. It also explains the behavior of individuals, because human behavior always takes place in a context and is limited by formal or informal (cultural) structures. An individual cannot evolve if the system does not evolve with them. So it is no wonder that we always think of personnel and organizational development together.

Our view of business

We understand business and are actively involved in entrepreneurial responsibility and as process facilitators. Our clients value us as a sparring partner, not least because of our economic perspective. For us, only one thing is important: business should always serve people and not the other way around. People are not a factor of production and profit is not an end in itself, but a necessary prerequisite for the sustainable vitality of the company. A company that regards respect for human rights, social and ecological standards as the basis of its success.

The big picture: everything is always there at the same time

There is no separation in the world out there. In our heads there is: we can only perceive selectively and therefore it can happen that we focus mainly on numbers from a business perspective, on people from a psychological perspective or on interactions from a systemic perspective. It is important to us that managers can adopt different perspectives, are aware of their own point of view and its limitations and can ultimately assess what is important now before they act responsibly.

And these are questions of education.

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