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Consulting / Teams


Do you want to take the next step with your team or take time together for important topics? We organise off-sites so that both can happen at the same time.


What is off-sites for?

Many topics cannot be dealt with in day-to-day business. Especially when it comes to working on the team and not just in the team: Whether classic team building, strategic planning, complex problems, decision-making, conflict management, change processes, improving communication or innovation. What all topics have in common is that they require more space and time than is available in the routine and tightly scheduled daily routine.

Why ForumFührung?

What is outside our clients’ routine is our routine: in over 100 accompanied off-sites, there is almost no topic that is foreign to us. We take care of the concept, location and catering, and you’re ready to go. We integrate factual topics and team building and always stay within the business context of our clients. Canoeing and building igloos is not something you can do with us, as the participants’ experiences there are usually difficult or impossible to transfer to everyday business life. With us, real development succeeds: we help drive business goals forward and work on patterns in the team in a sustainable way.

This is what matters to us first and foremost:

  • If the context and the objective are not properly clarified at the beginning, the off-site misses the point. In the briefing, we also listen between the lines, research the issues behind the topic and look beyond the individual situation to the patterns that are already hidden in the client’s description of the problem. Our resonances and input in dialog ensure that together we start from the right place.
  • Being shapes consciousness. This also applies to managers: their structural position in the organization ensures that they can see many things, while others remain hidden from them. We make sure that all relevant perspectives are heard in advance and that we enter the dialog with the whole picture.
  • Managers are not outside the team. They are part of the system. That’s a good thing and will also be the case off-site. We take over the framing of the event, provide feedback and set impulses. Managers are then – in their specific role, of course – participants like everyone else. In this way, we take the pressure off managers, who become observers of their team’s dynamics and can see things from a different perspective.
  • In open, emergent processes, not everything can be planned in advance. As facilitators, we have the experience to react appropriately at the moment when phenomena become visible in the group. As process facilitators, we are not prisoners of our own choreography and have no standard sequences that rigidly follow one another. As facilitators, we are also not sure in advance what will happen along the way in terms of content, but we know the way and always have the courage to deviate from the plan depending on the situation.
  • Everyone nods and no one feels offended. How often have we experienced it: the greatest resolutions are made on New Year’s Eve and in off-sites, but implementation is a long time coming. Our moderation always thinks about the future: Off-sites are already conducted in the envisaged culture – the way it should be tomorrow is already lived through the choreography in the event and secured for future collaboration: at the end of each event, for example, there are binding agreements on observable behavior as well as fixed deadlines and feedback loops on the agenda to enable sustainable change.
  • Places have an effect. It makes a difference to us humans whether we are in the city center or in the countryside, whether the view can wander into the distance, whether the room is bright and offers space for movement, whether a table separates us from each other, at which the boss sits in front of us, or whether everyone stands in a circle at eye level. We design the room for you to create the conditions for optimum results.