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Context-Based Development 

Go where leadership takes place.

Brief description

Individual development measures are aimed at individuals. However, human behaviour in organizations is always context-related and takes place in the context of the team, the organization and the market. Context-Based Development takes this fact into account and allows development to take place exactly where people interact: in the context of the organization.

Development goals

  • Recognize your own patterns: Recognizing one’s own patterns of behavior in the team.
  • Develop your own solutions: Our methodical approach is fundamentally open-ended. Both the problem and the solution in the form of new behavior are the responsibility of the team – not the process facilitator.
  • Make binding agreements: Joint agreements are made binding between the participants and implemented on their own initiative.
  • Change behavior sustainably: Own solutions are solutions that people identify with and that suit the team in the current situation.

Context-Based Development process

  • Participants: An entire team across 2-3 management levels; if required, other relevant persons with important interfaces to the team.
  • Duration: 2-3 day workshop with a follow-up after 3-4 months.
  • Thereafter: Workshop with the team at least once a year as long-term regular communication.
  • Role of ForumFührung: We see ourselves as process facilitators. You are the technical experts. We offer processes to make behavioral patterns visible, to evaluate them and to develop constructive solutions with you.
  • Management: 1-2 process facilitators depending on the number of participants.

Unique selling point

Context-Based Development not only gives an impulse to the individual, but also sets people and their environment as a whole in motion. It enables individual and collective learning at the same time. Teams are enabled to make their own behavioral patterns visible, evaluate them and develop new solutions together on the basis of specific context-based issues. Both conscious and unconscious behavioral patterns become visible and enable learning from reality for reality.





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