Abschnitt Beratung / How we work EN

How we work

In our consulting work, we are guided by recent systems theory.
In a nutshell, we would summarize it in the following four steps:

We listen.

Because we want to understand. In doing so, we not only pay attention to the content, but also to the “grammar” of the organization. Because the language rules form the framework within which we have thought and acted up to now. The “problems” of today have arisen from this framework and in order to find new “solutions”, it is necessary to recognize and leave this framework.

We see something that you don’t see.

We look where no one else looks – at the obvious, the unquestioned. In doing so, we do not focus on the unique, but on recurring patterns. In this way, we reduce complexity and make the levers for change visible.

We go in between.

We intervene and interrupt patterns that are not beneficial. We reshape others that have a good core but have become dysfunctional. And we invite new behavior where something is missing. In this way, we enable the organization to overcome its challenges on its own. Because only that is effective and sustainable …

We change communication.

We change who talks to whom about what and when – and thus the organization as a whole. Because the organization is made up of communication. We ensure that the company fits better into its current market environment. In this way, people find a framework in which they can perform their tasks in the best possible way today and in the future.