Illustration: Akademie – Räume für persönliche Entwicklung, konzentrische Kreise mit Mensch im Mittelpunkt

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Gaining new perspectives together: Dialogue and feedback for managers

Leadership can be lonely. The higher we rise in the hierarchy, the greater the need for reflection and feedback. However, there is often a lack of opportunities to meet this need within your own organization.

As experienced external discussion partners, we offer you precisely this opportunity. In numerous personal meetings with managers at various levels, we create a safe space for dialog about what is and what could be.

With empathy and sensitivity, we get to the bottom of things, not only listening, but also between the lines. We stumble, research and jump to the other side. We offer new perspectives, challenge and go beyond the usual boundaries together. We reinterpret, enable new approaches and open up alternative patterns of action.

Our main focus is on the personal development of the manager. After all, this is the most important tool. However, we are also open to sparring partners for factual or personnel decisions and are happy to provide support in evaluating strategic options. Our own management experience in corporate groups and as entrepreneurs enables us to be competent discussion partners in these areas too.

We prefer face-to-face meetings, but were pleasantly surprised at how well intensive discussions can also be held in a remote setting. The medium disappears quickly and enables effective communication.

We appreciate the alternation between joint reflection and the actions of our clients in their respective contexts. This allows new ideas to be tested and experiences to be gathered, which can then be fed back into the reflection process. As a rule, 8 to 10 meetings of two hours each have proven to be fruitful, but sometimes a whole day together also brings a big step forward. Please feel free to contact us individually.